DVD 30e convention

DVD 30e convention

Queen , Valentine & QueenKings fans opgelet:

De dubbel DVD van de 30e conventie is nog te koop. Uitgebreide informatie vind je hieronder.

Klik hier voor het bekijken van de trailer : https://vimeo.com/191121546

De dubbel DVD is te bestellen door € 15,00 + € 2,90 (verzendkosten) over te maken op NL67INGB0001064553 t.n.v. S. van der Veen te Ochten

Of via PAYPAL : sikke@vergelijkadvies.nl

Stuur mij vervolgens een email met daarin naam en adres gegevens : sikkeveen@hotmail.com


Specificaties :

2 fabrieksgeperste dvd’s (dvd format 9)

7 uur speeltijd

Genummerde oplage 1000 stuks



Inhoud :


The Queen Kings (complete concert) 

Robby Valentine (Valentine : A Tribute to QUEEN) (complete concert) feat Maria Catherina

The Deputies (30 mins)

Queen convention Highlights

Interviews with Peter Freestone – Rosie Horide – Barry Mitchel and Doug Bogie


OVER 7 hours !!!!!!!!!!


factory pressed silver DVD’s (DVD9 format)

Numered limited edition 1000 Units 

8 page booklet

 Full content see below :


- Disc 1

The Queen Kings

01. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke

02. Tie Your Mother Down

03. In The Lap of the Gods(Revisited)

04. White Queen

05. Liar

06. Flick of the Wrist

07. Lily of the Valley

08. Fat Bottomed Girls

09. Another One Bites The Dust

10. Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

11. Nevermore

12. The March of the Black Queen

13. My Melacholy Blues

14. The Prophet's Song

15. I Want To Break Free

16. It's A Kind of Magic

17. It's A Hard Life

18. Barcelona

19. The Fallen Priest

20. Guide Me Home

21. Millionaire Waltz

22. Don't Stop Me Now

23. Staying Power

24. Love of my Life

25. Bohemian Rhapsody

26. No-One But You

27. I was Born to Love You

28. The Show Must Go On

29. We Will Rock You

30. We Are The Champions

31. God Save The Queen


Interview : ROSIE HORIDE


Compilation Convention

01. Robby Valentine- Flick of the Wrist

02. Opening by Jacky + A tribute to Val (Queen No-One But You)

03. The Queen Kings - No-One But You

04. Mime contest (Fat Bottomed Girls)

05. Choir of Loretta - '39

06. Peter Freestone about meeting Freddie

07. The Deputies - Cowboys and Indians

08. Peter Freestone about meeting Montserrat

09. The Queen Kings - Barcelona

10. Conventioneers who have been there all 30 times

11. Dancing girl (Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballe - Exercises in Free Love, Queen - Bijou)

12. Robby Valentine - Mustapha

13. Interview with early bassists

14. The Queen Kings - Tie Your Mother Down

15. Rosie Horide

16. Robby Valentine - We Will Rock You

17. The Queen Kings - We Are The Champions





- Disc 2

Valentine: A Tribute to Queen

01. Intro

02. We Will Rock You (fast)

03. Seven Seas of Rhye

04. Save Me

05. Flick of the Wrist

06. Lily of the Valley

07. Nevermore

08. Don't Stop Me Now

09. Killer Queen

10. Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

11. Bicycle Race

12. Somebody To Love

13. Live Killers Solo

14. Ogre Battle

15. Dear Friends

16. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

17. Too Much Love Will Kill You

18. Mustapha

19. Play The Game

20. Piano Medley (Seaside Rendevous/In the Lap of the Gods(Revisited)/In the Lap of the Gods/Millionaire Waltz/Mr. Bad Guy/It's a Hard Life/Death on Two Legs/The Miracle/Radio Ga Ga/Show Must Go On/Sail Away Sweet Sister/Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)

21. The Miracle (Reprise)

22. Fat Bottomed Girls

23. Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon

24. Under Pressure

25. Last Horizon

26. Love Of My Life

27. '39

28. Tie Your Mother Down

29. Bohemian Rhapsody

30. No-One But You

31. We Will Rock You

32. We Are the Champions

33. God Save the Queen


The Deputies

01. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

02. Save Me

03. Keep Yourself Alive

04. Cowboys and Indians

05. Death On Two Legs

06. We Will Rock You

07. Tie Your Mother Down

08. Power To Love


Interview Peter Freestone

Interview Barry Mitchell & Doug Bogie


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