Brian May & Kerry Ellis - One Voice

Brian May & Kerry Ellis - One Voice

In het kader van Common Decency hebben Brian en Kerry Ellis het nummer ONE VOICE opgenomen. Je kunt het nummer HIER beluisteren en de videoclip bekijken. Dit is wat Brian er zelf over zegt:  

"This is probably the fastest turn-around I’ve ever achieved - in terms of getting from a finished mix to a new song being ‘out there’ - but we’re rarin' to go, and decided to dispense with the formalities and throw our new track out there without a backward look.

It’s called ONE VOICE ! It NEEDS to be heard !!!

I’ll tell you the story of how this happened soon, but for now, all I want to say is: this track is Art for Art’s sake. To me, it’s something I’m already proud of, with a magnificent vocal perfomance by Kerry Ellis, but also it has a crystal clear human message - “You have a voice … your voice CAN make a difference”.

The video reflects this, and hopefully the video will be up on my YouTube Channel (and Queen, and Kerry’s sites) in the next few hours.

We hope you enjoy !!

Like I said: more info soon.

Cheers ! Bri

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2015-04-09 06:18:47
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